Hello Nature Adventure Tours believes in small group tours – essential to minimize our environmental impact on our fragile coastal ecosystems and to allow for a more authentic and enriching personal connection to the biodiversity of the places we visited.

Our environmental approach to travel and waste management, includes recycling, reusing, composting, purchasing items with limited packaging and using recycled paper in all promotional materials.

Hello Nature Adventure Tours Guides respect sensitive wildlife observation practices including keeping a respectful distance to minimize noise and stress as well as leaving habitats pristine by hauling out any items carried in, along with any trash that we can fit in our kayaks.

Hello Nature Adventure Tours advocates for protection of marine and terrestrial ecosystems through an emphasis on interpretation of the natural and cultural history of the regions.  Our Environmental approach to energy consumption and natural resources is through the use of energy efficient light bulbs and biodegradable cleaning agents made with natural ingredients.

We buy certified organic products, items through fair trade wholesalers and we strive to support our local communities by purchasing locally grown food and products.